About us

We started Leave No Doubt at the end of 2020, mostly as a reminder to ourselves that we really could do anything with hard work and perseverance. What started as one t-shirt (The Black OG!) has turned into a community of like-minded people, including functional fitness athletes, bodybuilders and weekend warriors who just *get it*. From the working parent training for their first 10k to the Masters athlete's first appearance at the games, we are so proud to be a small part of each of your journeys.

Dani is a CrossFit coach, personal trainer and mom to 3 amazing little humans.  She loves dance, rap and cream with a little coffee.

Tyler is a CrossFit coach, avid huntsman, horseman and jack of all trades, working full time to provide for his family and doing it all with a smile on his face. 

We know life is busy and we embrace it, determined to work hard and play harder while improving each aspect of our lives over time; family, health, fitness, passions, and work.  If we don’t like something, we work to change it. We are a husband and wife team who decided to share our mindset with the world in the form of this brand. 

LND exists to remind you that anything worth having is worth working for and we hope every time you wear our gear, you remember to Leave No Doubt in everything you do.